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Neurological rehabilitation in virtual reality


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Peili was founded in the end of 2015 with the idea of founders Jussi and Joonas to create a virtual reality solution to assist in the resource problems of rehabilitation.

The Peili solution can be used by rehabilitees of all ages.

Improved motivation

The virtual world is just like ours – but with a bit of magic added into it. The experience is instantly immersive, allowing you to discover a new world from anywhere!

Tailored training

As a therapist, you can create scenarios that fit the rehabilitee no matter the condition. You can compare different training methods with your colleagues and choose the best suitable for each rehabilitation need.

Ease up on the paperwork

Using the solution gives you direct analytics of the rehabilitation process – allowing you to measure progress completely online with exact data of your scenarios.

Satisfied Partners

We're proud to be working with some of the biggest names of rehabilitation providers and experts in Finland Denmark and Poland.

Oulun yliopisto
Espoon Uusi Sairaala
HUS Porvoo
Tays Valkeakoski
Hippo Terapiaklinikka Oy
Evantia Kuntoutus Oy
Origin Polska

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