Peili Vision was founded in 2015 based on the vision to help people in rehabilitation. We’ve created a platform that combines three practices: VR technology, data and gamification. The mission is to empower every rehabilitee to train in the most effective way possible, whether they are in a hospital or at their home, and with the best exercises that are designed by certified professionals.

Our solution is a a virtual reality application used with the VR headgear. The application allows the therapist to create unique training environments customized to the rehabilitee rehabilitation requirements.

The solution is used and loved by more than 15 organizations in the Nordics including public & private organisations.

individual and immersive exercises with gamification

rehab planning and follow-up for both the rehabilitee and the therapist

exercises in short sessions and with multiple occurrences

enables remote rehabilitation with instant feedback


We're proud to be working with some of the biggest names of rehabilitation providers and experts in Finland, Denmark and Poland.


" We use Peili Vision’s software in neuropsychological rehabilitation for our neurological patients with symptoms of visual attention or other symptoms affecting visual perception. Generally, we use the software for patients with hemispatial neglect. Out of the Peili Vision’s selection of exercises, we have mostly used shoot-the-target game, traffic game and grocery store game. In addition, we have also used memory and naming games for some patients as visual perception and visual attention exercises. These are all exercises that require visual search and they can therefore be used to demonstrate patients their symptoms and practice attention switching.

Compared to two-dimensional computer screen,VR environment provides a larger view and more realistic feeling of depth, which seems to be especially beneficial in the training of visual perception and attention. "

Siiri Laari
Helsinki University Hospital

" Overall I think that the main benefit of VR is, that the patients forget that the are training and have fun while doing it. It also allow us to train without any risk of getting hurt, for example, when we train road safety, it doesn't matter if the patient make a mistake. The games offers many different settings which allows you to adjust the difficulty of the game to the patients and thereby give the patients the right amount of challenge. "

Louise Hoberg,
Occupational Therapist
Tagdækkervej Rehabiliteringstilbud, Hammel DK



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