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Faster and more accurate evaluation of executive functions using ARVO application

Our solution is developed with university researchers to support schools and health care with evaluating executive functions. Our service helps to shorten and prioritize queues proactively.

Equal and objective metric: it will bring information also from persons whose symptoms may not be visible otherwise

Data to support conversations: it provides more convincing information

Faster actions: with faster reaction it is possible to execute individual and targeted support for those in need

VR technology

Virtual reality, or VR technology, refers to an artificial environment produced by computer simulation. Peili Vision uses virtual reality glasses that provide the user with a realistic virtual experience. The use of virtual reality (VR) in evaluation and medical rehabilitation provides proven solutions to many of the challenges in the social services and healthcare system, such as staff shortages. VR technology makes it possible to develop equality of rehabilitation, regardless of geographical location. It also gives rehabilitees and their families a chance to participate more in the rehabilitation process.

Research cooperation

We work closely and internationally with top universities in the field. The aim is to support basic research on the use of virtual reality in healthcare, and to develop the services we offer. For us, the starting point for product development is researched and peer-reviewed information.


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