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Discovering executive function deficits through simulation

Peili Vision is an Oulu-based software company, founded in 2015, specializing in the development of neurocognitive assessment tools that leverage gaming technology for educational and healthcare purposes. We foster close international collaborations with leading universities in the field. Our product development is grounded in well-researched and peer-reviewed knowledge.


The challenges of executive functioning refer to an individual’s impaired ability to plan, maintain, and regulate their own actions. These challenges manifest differently in individuals, with some being more noticeable than others.
EFSim provides objective information about executive function skills and offers a solution for the early identification of even hidden deficits.


Neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD often co-occur with executive function challenges. However, the severity of executive function challenges varies, and not all challenges stem from diagnosable disorders. The data generated by our software helps identify the level of executive function challenges and tailor support to meet the individual’s specific needs.


Executive function skills are essential in daily life, particularly in situations requiring independent action. Challenges in executive functioning impact not only academic learning but also work and social relationships. Early identification of these challenges and providing appropriate support have a significant impact on a person’s overall well-being.

From the school's point of view, making the survey was easy and quick.
The project left a positive feeling and the operation was professional. The children also liked the test and would have liked to play even more.
I especially liked your way of dealing with children. In addition, the moment of giving feedback was really clear and informative.