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Peili Vision’s service, which utilizes virtual reality (VR), improves the work of rehabilitation professionals and provides solutions to the lack of resources in the field. How can we help you?

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What is it?

  • Motivational, personalized and easy-to-use exercises that rehabilitees can perform at their own pace, in a safe environment and under the professional guidance of their own therapist.
  • A tool to support the evaluation of neurological symptoms and the preparation of a treatment plan.

For whom is it?

  • The exercises serve both rehabilitation professionals and rehabilitees and provide the opportunity for both parties to monitor and utilize the results of the exercises, as a part of the rehabilitation process.
  • The service is used in specialized Finnish health care and primary health care, as well as by private healthcare providers.


  • The high-quality, CE-marked service has been developed in close cooperation with rehabilitation professionals.
  • The use of the service saves up to half of the costs associated with rehabilitation, while offering the rehabilitee three times more exercise.

We offer ready-made exercise packages for the following therapy areas:

  • Aphasia and developmental language disorder
  • Observation and neglect
  • Executive dysfunction
  • Unclear speech
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Benefits of VR rehabilitation

Easy to use

Shortens queues for therapy and enables personalized rehabilitation for an increasing number of people who are in need of it

Makes exercising possible when it is most convenient for the rehabilitee, which increases the amount of exercise

Provides a tool to measure exercising and progress

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