Neuropsychiatric evaluation based on data


Our solution is developed with university researchers to support schools and health care with evaluating executive functions. Our service helps to shorten and prioritize queues proactively.


  • Resources are limited
  • Problems aren’t identified in time


  • From reactive actions to proactive operations
  • Method is based on research
  • Data to support decision making


  • Objective metric
  • Data unifies communication between different parties
  • Faster reacting to problems and individualized support

Method – how does it work in practice?

Special Health Care

In Special health care, test can be used at different stages of the treatment path to evaluate executive functions. In the test, the patient performs daily chores in a realistic home environment in virtual reality. The health care professional monitors the patient’s performance from the tablet and evaluates the patient’s behavior while he/she is doing the test in virtual reality. Performance is measured by several different metrics from which the results are calculated. If necessary, the test can be repeated for example at the end of treatment period to evaluate differences between tests. The test results are easy to attach to a statement or a treatment report.


In schools, testing is organized in collaboration with the school and school health care. Students take a 20-minute test in virtual reality in which they perform various daily chores in a realistic home environment. Test is monitored by school staff. The results of the test are reviewed afterwards in a multi-professional work group and the results can be used for example for prioritizing follow-up care. In addition, results are composed to a report which the school and municipality can use for example for resourcing planning.