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VR rehabilitation helps with the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus situation shows no signs of abating, at least for some time. During such pandemic times, and especially if therapy services find themselves in a similar lockdown as in the spring of 2020, rehabilitation at home will play a valuable role.

In the current exceptional situation, face-to-face therapy cannot be implemented, and various virtual means of remote rehabilitation can show their potential as an enabler of continued rehabilitation. Learn more about the benefits of VR rehabilitation.

The results and user stories collected from clients speak for themselves: Peili Vision’s virtual reality solution has been proven to enable remote rehabilitation. This encourages us to further develop our home therapy product.

Exercise packages

Peili Vision’s pre-created and easy-to-use exercise packages enable remote exercises, facilitate the work of therapists and provide the rehabilitee with more impactful and effective rehabilitation.

Virtual exercises done at home are also safe for people at risk. Ready-made exercise packages can be found for different diagnoses with several different exercise targets.

Our VR service has already been used in home therapy for the rehabilitation of both children and adults in North Ostrobothnia, Kainuu and Uusimaa, as well as in Pohjois-Savo. We will gladly tell you more about how we can best help your organization, as well.