Peili Vision

Check out Peili Vision’s inspiring story, team, advisory board, as well as the recruitment and research collaboration opportunities.

The small team performing unique tasks

If you want to create something meaningful, you need time, money and, most importantly, willpower. Two friends, that embodied these three things sat down in 2015 to discuss what they wanted to do in the future.

Jussi had a vision and experience in the rehabilitation field through a family member. Joonas knew the business and had an extensive network. Both soon realized that technology can be utilized to help rehabilitation professionals support rehabilitees.

A vision of a solution included an exercise system that adapts to the personal needs of each rehabilitee. The rehabilitee puts on a virtual reality headset and enters a new world, full of variables and challenges. At the same time, they feel a sense of enthusiasm, while being suitably challenged by their exercises.

Jussi and Joonas quickly assembled a team of developers from their good friends: Timo had extensive experience as a VR developer and Hannu had a convincing record as a graphic designer.

The first step was to develop the demo and to present it to Matti Lehtihalmes, Emeritus Professor of Logopedics. The feedback they received supported the system’s need and vision, and the company was founded shortly after the meeting.

In 2016, the first customers joined the development and adopted the service. It wasn’t long before the customer base expanded all over Finland. To this day, we have been involved in helping hundreds of rehabilitees on their path to rehabilitation.

Active cooperation with researchers and universities were a part of the process, right from the start. We are constantly involved in several master’s and doctoral thesis studies, in which the possibilities of virtual reality as a part of neurological rehabilitation are processed.

After a few years of operation, we are already close to the original vision. In the spring of 2019, the home rehabilitation pilot project provided promising results, and, together with our partners, we are constantly refining our understanding of the process.


Jussi Auvinen
+358 50 376 7150
Mikko Kontio
+358 40 777 2241
Joonas Pöllä
CFO & Sales
‭+358 40 821 3456‬
Topi Siro

Lassi Laitala (M.D.)
Chief Medical Officer

Timo Nivala
Technical Advisor

Akviliina Vasari
Business Administrator / On parental allowance

Petteri Elf
Graphic Designer

Aleksi Penttilä
UX/UI Designer

Karita Fyrstén
Product Designer

Laura Lyyra
Marketing Manager

Jere Tuohino
Junior Software Developer

Aku Välilä
Account Manager

Jenny Mesiniemi
Customer Success Coordinator

Laura Matturi
Customer Success Coordinator

Juhani Ålander
Junior Software Developer

Henna Nurmimäki
Customer Success Coordinator

Medical advisor board

Behind Peili Vision’s CE-marked therapy system, a medical advisory board consisting of extensive medical expertise provides advice and guidelines.

Matti Lehtihalmes
Emeritus Professor of Logopedics University of Oulu

Mika Pekkonen
M.D. Chief Clinician
Verve Oy

Ville Pursiainen
M.D. Phd. Neurology
Director of Lohja Hospital Area

Minna Laakso
Professor of Logopedics
University of Helsinki

Juha Salmitaival
Phd. Academy Research Fellow
Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering
Aalto University

Recruitment and research cooperation

We don’t currently have any vacancies, but if you have the right attitude and believe that you can bring and create value to the Peili Vision team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

As a technology company focused on rehabilitation, we are always open to software developers, graphic designers and user interface designers (keywords Unity, VR and DevOps).

We are also interested in new studies, theses and research projects. If you wish to use our service as part of your research, please contact us.