Quality Policy

Updated December 10, 2020.

Peili Vision is committed to delivering quality to its customers, including patients as end-users, healthcare professionals and management staff.

Our commitment stems from a real want to help people experience rehabilitation at its best, and to allow everybody the chance to enter the rehabilitation process.

To reach the goal, Peili Vision strives to create a quality product that is easy-to-use, creates results, and minimises user risk of new technology. Peili Vision is committed to fulfilling all regulatory requirements with each and every of its products, a commitment that also creates the strive to create and maintain a highly effective quality management system by every employee.

Our whole quality management is based on the attainment of above goals by creating short, simple and effective processes. Each and every one of our employees knows that customer satisfaction comes first – and similarly, quality is created by our employees, whose satisfaction is integrated in our everyday work and values.