Virtual reality creates an exciting and immersive experience in a world that can be tailored to any space or place you want to be in.

In rehabilitation, this is much more effective for motivation, as experienced by our users of all ages across Nordics. Training daily tasks like cooking food or making the bed in your home environment feels much more relatable.

While the rehabilitee is training in the virtual world, the therapist can measure training progress, offer improvements, and address any questions from the rehabilitee in real time across any distance.


With the Peili Vision platform, you can create and modify hundreds of different worlds with access to a library of plug and play exercises and modifiable templates. Our professional users enjoy both sharing and entering worlds created by colleagues with similar requirements.

The surroundings, difficulties, and rewards can be modified based on the case - and most importantly, our content team is working continuously on developing more modifiable content based on your needs.


It’s not only about one type of therapy - the Peili Vision platform allows multiple therapists to co-operate by creating training sequences that are available 24/7, weekdays and weekends included.

Most often, the best training schedule for the rehabilitee involves multiple 10-20 minute sessions a day. When rehabilitees can train on the weekends (with assistance), the complete rehabilitation process becomes much more fluent regarding time and cost.

We support every therapy field core for our rehabilitees:

  • speech and language pathology
  • neuropsychology
  • occupational therapy