We are a small team doing extraordinary things.

If you want to create something meaningful, you want to have time, money, and most of all, the will. In 2015 two people, with all of these three things, got together to discuss what they wanted to create during their lives. Jussi, with the vision and experience on rehabilitation through his family, and Joonas, knowing business and people. Both quickly realized that they could use technology to empower professionals to help patients on a much more personal level.

The vision would include the creation of a game that would adapt to each patient’s needs. The patient would put on the virtual reality glasses, enter an immersive world full of variables, and would feel both amazed and challenged by the exercises at the same time. The game would adjust itself by analysing the patient’s capabilities, creating exercises, analysing the patient’s progress and score, and providing the output to the therapist, who then could use the result in helping the patient getting back to a normal daily life.

The two quickly fixed together a technology team with close friends, Timo, an experienced VR developer, and Hannu, an intense graphics designer. Creating a demo for Professor Matti Lehtihalmes at University of Oulu was quickly done. The professor was just as quick to provide his full support for such a solution, instantly understanding the possibilities available. The team founded the company right then to work on developing a solution for more effective rehabilitation.

In 2016, the first customers of Peili Vision were taken with the idea. It didn’t take much more time for the solution to spread to both public and private customers across Finland - currently Peili Vision has 15 customers that improve both solution development and patients’ lives every day.

After three years, we are very close to making the original vision a full reality. Hundreds of patients across Finland, Sweden and Denmark are using our solution in hospitals and at home, and we have been a part of many rehabilitation cases where the patients have fully recovered. We are working on making our solution better day by day, and towards having it available to patients across Europe.


Contact us by: firstname.lastname @ peilivision.fi


Jussi Auvinen

‭+358 50 376 7150‬


Joonas Pöllä

CFO & Sales
‭+358 40 821 3456‬


Topi Siro



Mikko Kontio

+358 40 777 2241


Pekka Huhtala

Director of Product Development


Akviliina Vasari

Business Administrator
‭+358 40 775 4393‬


Hannu Kallio

Graphics Artist


Petteri Elf

Graphics Artist


Timo Nivala

Technical Advisor


Tuomas Heiskanen

Operations Manager

Tytti Parviainen

SLP Content Creator

Eira Hurskainen

Market Analyst


Matti Lehtihalmes

Emeritus Professor of Logopedics at the University of Oulu

Veli-Pekka Cajan

Senior Advisor

Laura Svärd

M.A. Speech-Language Pathologist

Unna Roine


Lassi Laitala


Seppo Laukka

Professor of Psychology at the University of Oulu


In case you are startup-minded, possess the right attitude, and think you can provide value in our team – get in touch!

As a technology startup with a focus on rehabilitation, we are always open for both developers (think C#!) and graphics designers who are passionate about what they do.